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Ender: The Ultimate Combat Simulation

Cross domain modern wargaming: Aircraft, ships, submarines, ground forces and installations, strategic weapons with real life sensors are at your disposal

Detailed Map Layers: Satellite imagery and terrain elevation combine to provide a clear battlefield

Tactical Level Play: Test your operational decisions and plans in a realistic combat simulation

​Comprehensive DatabasesExtensive, detailed simulation databases modelling faithfully the capabilities & limitations of each unit.  Augment the databases with your own weapons and specs including psychological profiles of battle commanders

Flexibility of Scale: From cross border skirmishes to strategic nuclear war

Real World Modelling: Simulate land, air and naval operations, supported by high-quality physics, sensor/EW, terrain and weather, weapon and damage models




State of the Art AI Algorithms

Aircraft, ships, radars, weapon systems are intelligent agents capable of taking autonomous decisions and responding to environment.

Agents learn to optimize their choice of actions through state of the art Reinforcement Learning algorithms.

Agents improve their performance as they play against war gaming experts.

Use for mission rehearsal, training, evaluation and education of personnel


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