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Predictive Analytics

Unquestionable results  

QED's predictive analytics uses machine learning and advanced statistical modelling to analyse customer data, find patterns and predict future behaviour such as churn or a likelihood to convert. It allows data analysts to take advantage of huge datasets that might otherwise be wasted.

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Predicting the future what data was made for

Enterprise businesses gather huge amounts of customer data. But in many cases, they aren’t taking advantage of it all because they are only gleaning insights from the tiny percentage their data scientists are able to manually dig through.

Predictive analytics is designed to help these businesses tap into this untapped potential. Hidden in that data are patterns that reveal meaningful customer insights that — when used effectively — can have a very real impact on the bottom line. Predictive capabilities draw on machine learning and advanced statistical models to dig automatically through enormous amounts of data, searching for those patterns that most analysts simply don’t have time to look for.

At the end of the day, predictive analytics tools help data analysts and marketers alike get the most out of the data they gather by helping them to find the insights the really matter.

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