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Mathematical Models


Mathematical modelling is strongly connected to the real world systems and is focused on solving real world problems.

The process consists of:

  • System analysis:

    • Analysing real world objects such as hardware circuitry, computer networks, people behaviour in social services, car engines, power distribution networks, sound phenomena, etc.

    • An objective of the analysis is to discover principal properties and relationships of the systems and objects.

  • Modelling systems in the virtual world:

    • Expressing systems in the language of maths.

    • Creating computational models.

  • Performing simulations:

    • Running the virtual simulation.

    • Capturing conclusions to be applied in the real world later on.

  • Verification:

    • Checking whether the results and conclusions are satisfactory.

    • If not – redoing the whole process.

QED offers end-to-end services starting from system analysis, through modelling, simulation, verification and system parameters identification, up to development, testing and integration of hardware and software solutions in the model-based design approach. We have unique commercial experience in creating synergies between applied mathematics and science knowledge, and hardware and software engineering expertise.

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