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We help clients solve complex business problems by applying our expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Mathematical Modelling                                                           

How can AI and data analytics help me in my business?

We combine AI with data and analytical models under a strategic vision to scale AI and transform business—across every function and process. We enable our clients to break down siloes within their business, create more agile and adaptive processes, and power better decision making to capture entirely new opportunities. 

Can AI help me solve my business problem?

From the esoteric worlds of predictive health care and cybersecurity to Google’s e-mail completion and translation apps, the impacts of AI are increasingly being felt in our everyday lives.  But like any helpful new tool, there are notable flaws and consequences to blindly adapting it. 

I want a PoC of an AI solution

A PoC is an essential step before adopting an AI solution.  If you have identified a problem our consultants will work with you to develop a PoC to verify if the solution has potential and if your organization will benefit from it.

I have a project idea and need help implementing it?


Our team will work with you to understand the project and consider alternative solutions.  We will help you choose the right tools and technologies to drive your project 

What We Do

Here are some of our current projects

What we do

Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical models enable to understand and predict how do complex systems behave. Simulation and model-based design reduces development cost and time to market. QED bridges maths and science with software and hardware engineering.

Data Analytics

AI is only as smart as the insights that fuel it. We can help you unlock powerful analytics insights by tapping into data you didn't even know you had.​

Artificial Intelligence

QED will develop AI-driven services that will enable your company to take advantage of data.  New business insights will lead to the automatization of processes and an increase in revenue.​


Build a cloud strategy that delivers agility and cost optimization. Develop a successful cloud strategy that strikes balance between value, cost and risk. 

Big Data 

QED will help you transform large volumes of raw data into actionable insights for informed decision-making and accelerated business value.   


Our expertise encompasses the full spectrum of IoT, from sensors, connectivity and lifecycle management to IoT platform analytics, security, applications and services.



Predictive Maintenance for Fleet Owners


Ready to find out more?

We schedule a short call with you and your team to determine what might be possible to deliver given your project goals and your data.  Assessment calls are a quick way for both of us to explore mutual fit and are always free of charge. 

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